Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sense Code 52102

I am burning my first DVD with Encore DVD from CS3 and once I hit build, it goe through the build for a couple minutes (1 hr of timelie), I get a hardware error (sense code 52102) does anyone knows what this means?Sense Code 52102
Sense code errors are almost always caused by some piece of software interfering in the communication problem between Encore and the burner.

Please have a look at Things and Software to avoid when authoring for DVD-V.Sense Code 52102
I had exactly the same issue and it was resolved thanks to the very helpful suggestion by Ruud Blauw - turning off the autorun functions on the DVD drive in XP sorted it out. Thanks to Ruud and the fabulous Adobe Forums.
Anybody know how to solve this on a mac?

Yours Anders Kjems

You may have to interpolate a bit from Ruud's suggestions, to fit the Mac, but with a ''sensecode'' error, it is likely that you are experincing a problem with your burner, or the media you are attempting to burn to. I believe that both of these issues are addressed in Ruud's link. Sorry that I do not know the specifics of Mac systems, so someone else will have to translate from PC-speak to Mac-speak. Beyond the basics of confirming all the mechanics and the electronics (firmware, etc.) in your burner and using good media, I cannot offer anything more for a Mac. Sorry.

Good luck,

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